Ariana Madix's post-split ventures rake over $1 Million

Ariana Madix turns breakup into business

By Melanie Aiden May 27, 2023
Ariana Madix turns heartbreak into a fortune.

From heartbreak to a lucrative venture: Ariana Madix transformed pain into profit. 

The tale of betrayal, involving her longtime beau Tom Sandoval and Vanderpump Rules co-star Raquel Leviss, has become the catalyst for Ariana's remarkable rise in both personal branding and financial success.

 Seizing the opportunity with unwavering determination, the former barmaid has quickly capitalized on the affair, catapulting herself into the realms of endorsement deals, merchandise sales in the six-figure range, and a world of enticing opportunities.

Not content with merely reaping the rewards of her newfound fame, the 37-year-old dynamo has caught the attention of television producers, securing enticing offers that promise to further elevate her star power.

 Furthermore, Ariana has even managed to secure a coveted role in an upcoming movie, showcasing her versatility and range as a performer.

Perhaps the most remarkable testament to Ariana's triumph is the invitation she received to the esteemed White House, a symbolic validation of her achievements and influence. 

In a bold and eyebrow-raising maneuver, Madix took her quest for financial gain to new heights by orchestrating staged paparazzi photos to promote a finance company. 

 These industry insiders estimated that the shrewd starlet stands to amass an astonishing sum exceeding $1 million by the year's end, all thanks to her highly publicized split from Tom Sandoval.

"Ariana is a blazing sensation in the headlines, captivating the public's attention with her every move," remarked Gina Rodriguez, CEO of Gitoni.

 Rodriguez, well-versed in the intricacies of celebrity branding, acknowledged the immense potential for financial gain that arises from a scandalous affair, particularly when one finds themselves on the receiving end of betrayal.

As evidence of her skyrocketing popularity, Ariana has witnessed an impressive surge of 500,000 new followers on her Instagram account in just the past two months.