Ashley Johnson seeks protection order against ex-boyfriend

Ashley Johnson was in live-in relationship with her boyfriend since 2012

By Madison Raymond May 26, 2023
Ashley Johnson seeks protection order against ex-boyfriend

Following a string of upsetting events, Ashley Johnson has requested a restraining order be placed on her ex-boyfriend Brian Wayne Foster.

After making accusations of harassment, threats, and extortion attempts against him, The Last of Us made the decision to file a lawsuit.

Along with living together, they declared their engagement in 2018 after beginning their relationship in 2012.

Foster allegedly verbally abused the actress in the past and committed "many acts of terror" against her.

In March, she broke things off with her partner, claiming that his drug usage had made him act even more irrationally.

Johnson had to leave her home out of fear for her safety, and on May 15, she immediately requested an immediate restraining order.

Foster was defined as being "close to the edge" and having the ability to hurt both her and her immediate family in the legal document by The Last of Us Game's voice actor.

The order will be the subject of a hearing on June 9.

Ashley Johnson is also well-known for playing Ellie in The Last of Us video game series and for appearing in a recent TV adaptation as Ellie's mother.