May 26, 2023

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Marvel presses pause on Thunderbolts production amid writers strike

Marvel's Thunderbolts was originally scheduled to begin production in three weeks

By Ellen James May 26, 2023
In another blow due to the writer's strike Marvel was forced to delay the production of Thunderbolts

Marvel Studios was forced to press pause on the production of Thunderbolts in the wake of the writers strike.

According to Deadline, the studio notified crew members of the delay and that it plans to resume production once the strike has ended.

Thunderbolts, which was to begin shooting in Atlanta in three weeks, was another production that took a hit following Blade, which was supposed to begin shooting in June.

Furthermore, the strike affected the Wonder Man TV series, which was in the midst of production in Los Angeles but had to press pause.

In the same fashion as Thunderbolts, Wonder Man will resume filming once the strike subsides.

As per the publication, TV productions have seen more shutdowns since the strike began earlier this month while the film side has not seen as much of an issue.

However, with the delay going on as the strike continues, the affects of it have bled into movie productions with Lionsgate, last week, announcing to stop filming Good Fortune.

For the unversed, the Writers Guild, which represents 11,500 writers across New York, Los Angeles and other areas, began a strike against major studios like Walt Disney and Netflix as the writing industry became a "gig economy".

WGA said, "The companies' behavior has created a gig economy inside a union workforce, and their immovable stance in this negotiation has betrayed a commitment to further devaluing the profession of writing."

The Guild revealed that they could not reach an agreement. 

"Over the course of the negotiation, we explained how the companies' business practices have slashed our compensation and residuals and undermined our working conditions.

"Our chief negotiator, as well as writers on the committee, made clear to the studios’ labor representatives that we are determined to achieve a new contract with fair pay that reflects the value of our contribution to company success and includes protections to ensure that writing survives as a sustainable profession.

"Here is what all writers know: the companies have broken this business. They have taken so much from the very people, the writers, who have made them wealthy. But what they cannot take from us is each other, our solidarity, our mutual commitment to save ourselves and this profession that we love.

"We had hoped to do this through reasonable conversation. Now we will do it through struggle. For the sake of our present and our future, we have been given no other choice."