May 26, 2023


Britney Spears confesses she is 'happy with easy way of living'

Britney Spears slams all rumours about her life that she is might be unhappy or not living well

By Betty Cruise May 26, 2023
Britney Spears confesses she is happy with easy way of living
Britney Spears confesses she is 'happy with easy way of living'

Britney Spears likes people to know that she is doing more than fine following claims made in a TMZ documentary that her marriage to Sam Asghari is in peril and that she keeps a dagger under her pillow when she sleeps.

"I'm not sure why people are trying to stir up negativity ... you guys are always so d*** sneaky!!! I am talking about the ones who are creating lies!!! I'm a woman who has the right to drive whenever I want to go shopping ... whenever I want and I do a d*** good job at acknowledging my practice in just being a good person!!! With that said, I'm disgusted with the attempts of people saying I'm not well ... people are hateful and I have 3 dogs and I'm quite happy with my easy way of living ... I take care of myself!!!" the 41-year-old wrote via Instagram on Wednesday, May 24.

The blonde beauty continued to elucidate her self-care routine. "I take 2 hours baths and I'm learning to cook and love myself a bit better!!! I know I'm not perfect!!! Some days are better than others and I do a good job at keeping it together!!! No I don't show myself crying or weeping on my bad days because frankly it's none of anybody's business!!! You all have private homes with private doors with private issues ... that's why it's called private!!! I believe in taking my vulnerable moments to myself ... why would I ever share that with a world and media who hurt me deeply at one point in my life ... No thank you!!!" she said. "I have an amazing therapist and friends whom I adore ... please take your negativity elsewhere and learn to respect!!!! What would people do if I smoked a blunt after the EMAs like [Miley] Cyrus who I have mad respect for??? I honestly hope you kiss my a**!!!"