King Charles 'disappointed' over Kate Middleton 'stealing the spotlight'

King Charles and Kate Middleton reportedly are fighting a silent battle over the public's attention

Kate Middleton has reportedly been "stealing" King Charles' thunder at public appearances

Kate Middleton may run the risk of overshadowing her father-in-law King Charles after she seemingly "stole the show" in her latest appearance.

During the Princess of Wales’s appearance at the RHS Chelsea Flow Show with the monarch, it was reported by a Daily Mail source that the King was given "less coverage" than what he had expected.

As per the source, the monarch and Queen Consort Camilla were reportedly "disappointed" regarding the publicity they received at the event.

Considering that King Charles never shied away from his love of horticulture, he had expected a grand reception for himself, but was disappointed to learn that his daughter-in-law took the spotlight from him.

"With his love of horticulture, His Majesty's appearance at Chelsea was an important engagement," the insider said.

"It's a shame that his visit with Her Majesty the Queen received less coverage than might have been expected. I hope they are not too disappointed."

Kate’s battle with King Charles over the public’s attention was previously highlighted by Prince Harry.

Writing for his memoir Spare, the Duke of Sussex stated that as Kate’s public engagements increased, it ended up causing issues with the monarch.

"Pa and Camilla didn't like Willy and Kate drawing attention away from them or their causes," he wrote. 

"They'd openly scolded Willy about it many times."

In particular, King Charles feared that Kate’s appearance at a tennis club would have jeopardised his appearance at another event on the same day.

The monarch, as per the Duke of Sussex was worried that a "fetching" photo would disintegrate any chances he had on making it to the front pages the next day.

Harry wrote: "That couldn't be tolerated."

"Told that it was too late to cancel the visit, Pa's press officer warned: 'Just make sure the Duchess doesn't hold a tennis racquet in any of the photos.'"