May 22, 2023


MAFS Stars Jesse Burford and Janelle confirm 'DATING'

MAFS to real-life romance:Jesse Burford and Janelle Han go Instagram official

By Ellen James May 22, 2023
Jesse Burford and Janelle Han go Instagram official.

Married At First Sight contestants Jesse Burford and Janelle Han have put an end to months of speculation by officially confirming their romantic relationship. 

The couple, who found common ground in their shared experiences with cheating partners during the show, took to Instagram on Sunday to make their relationship public.

 Jesse, a marriage celebrant based in Perth, shared a collection of photos featuring himself, influencer Janelle, Tahnee Cook, Ollie Skelton, and a snapshot capturing their love-filled moment.

Jesse Burford,  recently shared a series of captivating photos from the 'Falls Fest '23' event. 

Among the images, one stood out as it depicted Jesse and Janelle Han walking hand in hand, capturing the attention of fans and sparking speculation about the nature of their relationship.

In a recent appearance on the Back to Reality podcast, Janelle Han, the popular influencer, openly discussed her relationship with fellow contestant Jesse Burford. 

Confirming the suspicions of fans, Janelle revealed that their connection extended beyond mere friendship. 

She attributed their bond to the shared experience of being betrayed by their respective partners on the show, Adam Seed and Claire Nomarhas, who had cheated with each other. 

Although they had only shared a single kiss, Janelle acknowledged the closeness they developed during the height of the cheating scandal.

During the candid interview on the podcast, Janelle Han faced probing questions from the hosts about the nature of her kiss with Jesse Burford and whether their connection had progressed beyond that point.

 Maintaining her transparency, the former Married At First Sight participant clarified that the kiss had not involved any tongue.

"There was a period where we both definitely liked each other, I was drunk one night and I told him that I had a low-key crush on him," she explained.