Beyoncé's Lip-Smacking Nando's Order

Beyoncé orders £2k chicken delight for the Renaissance world tour crew

By Ellen James May 22, 2023
Beyoncé treats her entourage to an epic Nando's feast during UK tour.

Beyoncé, the renowned music icon, indulged in a lavish Nando's feast on Saturday, splurging close to £2,000 as she embarked on the UK leg of her Renaissance tour. 

Prior to her performance at Murrayfield in Scotland, the 41-year-old sensation generously treated her dedicated crew to the delectable delights of the popular flame-grilled peri-peri style chicken restaurant.

Revealing her insatiable appetite for mouthwatering flavors, the Crazy In Love singer placed an impressive order, consisting of a staggering 110 chicken burgers, accompanied by 90 pittas and a delectable assortment of nine succulent chicken thighs. 

As the tantalizing treats piled up, the total bill reached an astonishing £1,800.

Beyoncé's team boldly embraced transparency by placing the order under her well-known name.

 This move not only showcased the artist's genuine nature but also added an element of excitement to the entire Nando's dining experience, as restaurant staff and fellow patrons became aware of the music icon's presence.

Her hit song Single Ladies, made waves on social media as she shared a series of captivating Instagram pictures. 

The images captured Beyoncé exuding elegance, donning a diamond-studded black minidress, alongside her stylish husband Jay-Z. 

Beyoncé's Instagram post, which instantly garnered attention, showcased her impeccable fashion sense and attention to detail. 

With no need for a caption, the songstress allowed the stunning pictures to speak for themselves, offering a close look at the intricate details of her dazzling ensemble. 

Her lustrous hair cascaded in beautifully curled waves, perfectly complementing her shimmering pink eyeshadow and glossy lips.

 The superstar couple's visit to England not only created buzz within the entertainment sphere but also drew attention to their recent real estate venture—a jaw-dropping $200 million investment in California's most expensive residence.