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Fast X DEBUTS $67.5 Million ‘Domestically’, soaring to $319 Million ‘Globally’

Fast X bags second place to "The Super Mario Bros. Movie," for year's biggest opening weekend

By Madison Raymond May 21, 2023
Fast X DEBUTS $67.5 Million ‘Domestically’, soaring to $319 Million ‘Globally’
Fast X DEBUTS $67.5 Million ‘Domestically’, soaring to $319 Million ‘Globally’

Fast X is doing it for the “family”.

The 10th chapter of Universal's high-octane franchise, "Fast X," made $320 million globally, with a lacklustre $67.5 million coming from its home release.

It achieved the second-largest global opening weekend of the year, trailing only "The Super Mario Bros. Movie" ($377 million), another film from Universal.

Even while "Fast X" exceeded expectations when it debuted, the action-adventure series has been seeing declining sales in North America. 

Fast X is behind all other 'Fast Instalments'

The tenth instalment lagged behind the most recent instalment, "F9: The Fast Saga," which opened to $70 million, in terms of opening weekend ticket sales.

At the time, just 80% of theatres were open due to COVID-era limitations, and attendance hadn't yet recovered. The opening weekend grosses of pre-pandemic "Fast" films were significantly higher, notably those of 2017's "The Fate of the Furious" ($98 million debut), 2015's "Furious 7" ($148 million series high debut), and 2013's "Fast and Furious 6" ($97 million debut).

However, the massively funded franchise has kept its lustre at the global box office, largely because of audiences abroad. As much as 75% of the total global ticket sales for each new instalment came from outside the United States. Given that it cost a staggering $340 million, "Fast X" needs to keep up that trend because it is the most costly entry to date.

“What a tremendous global debut for this incredible, unique franchise,” says Universal’s president of domestic distribution, Jim Orr.

“Audiences were revved up to see their beloved ‘Fast’ family back in theatres with all the spectacular action and familial themes that resonate so well across the globe.”

"Fast X" rumbled to a powerful $251.39 million at the international box office from 84 nations, including China ($78 million), Mexico ($16 million), France ($9.6 million), and Brazil ($9.6 million).