May 21, 2023


Prince Andrew called out for explosive BBC interview

Prince Andrew was told that his move to sit down for the explosive BBC interview was a wrong one

By Madison Raymond May 21, 2023

Prince Andrew was called out for his move to sit down for his BBC interview

Prince Andrew has been called out for being a “vampire” for his move to sit down for his BBC Newsnight interview in November 2019.

PR expert Niki Christoff said on the Royally Obsessed podcast: "We know that his communications advisers didn't want him to do it," she said.

"One of them resigned before he even did the interview, so they were telling him what I would have told him which is, 'say nothing.'

"But Prince Andrew has, respectfully, the self-awareness of a vampire. He is not empathetic. His demeanour is not remorseful. He does not have any goodwill. So everything he says backfires.

"His team, I'm sure, was watching through their fingers. I was watching through my fingers. I couldn't believe it.”