May 21, 2023


'Vampiric' Prince Andrew should have 'said nothing' in explosive BBC tell-all

Prince Andrew sat down for an interview where he denied the rape accusations levied by Virginia Giuffre and spoke about his friendship with...

By Samantha David May 21, 2023

Prince Andrew was advised against his decision to sit down for the explosive interview

Prince Andrew was dubbed a "vampire" over his decision to sit down for his explosive BBC Newsnight interview in November 2019.

PR expert Niki Christoff, while speaking on the Royally Obsessed podcast, revealed that her advice for Prince Andrew would have been to "say nothing" but insisted that her words would would have likely been ignored.

For the unversed, the Duke of York sat down for an interview where he vehemently denied the rape accusations levied by Virginia Giuffre and added that he did not once regret his friendship with disgraced financer and convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

"We know that his communications advisers didn't want him to do it," she said. 

"One of them resigned before he even did the interview, so they were telling him what I would have told him which is, 'say nothing.'

"But Prince Andrew has, respectfully, the self-awareness of a vampire. He is not empathetic. His demeanour is not remorseful. He does not have any goodwill. So everything he says backfires.

"His team, I'm sure, was watching through their fingers. I was watching through my fingers. I couldn't believe it.

"And that's what he did on TV. I think his team told him not to do it but ultimately, they don't have the decision-making power…There is no way that Prince Andrew would have done that interview if Queen Elizabeth said: 'You're not doing that interview.' He wouldn't have done it. So she may not have said: 'Go complain and explain on Newsnight.' She certainly didn't, but she didn't shut it down."

"And she [Queen Elizabeth II] had a soft spot for him…so I'm sure she didn't encourage it. But if she had said, 'no', it wouldn't have happened."