Meredith Mickelson 'UPSET' by Matty Healy's romance with Taylor Swift

Meredith Mickelson shares surprise with friends over Matty Healy's new love

By Maryland Hargreaves May 21, 2023
From left to right: Taylor Swift, Matty Healy, and Meredith Mickelson.

Meredith Mickelson, the former girlfriend of Matty Healy, found herself taken aback when news broke that the 1975 rocker was dating none other than Taylor Swift, just four weeks after their split. 

The confirmation of Matty, aged 34, and Taylor, aged 33, as a couple came after they were spotted sharing a passionate kiss during a date in New York City earlier this month.

What makes this revelation more intriguing is the timeline

Back in February, when Matty and Meredith, aged 23, were still together, he spent several days in a recording studio with Taylor.

 To add fuel to the fire, Matty even stayed at Taylor's residence while he was in America, returning to her abode after their recording sessions.

 The unexpected nature of their relationship, coupled with the overlapping timelines, has left many wondering about the dynamics behind the scenes. 

Sources close to Meredith Mickelson have revealed to the Mirror that she had "no idea" about Matty Healy and Taylor Swift growing closer. 

The model reportedly confided in her friends, expressing her sentiments by saying, "I hope he treats her better than he treated me."

According to insiders, Meredith was completely caught off guard by the unfolding romance between Matty and Taylor. 

While Matty was spending time with her new love in the studio, Meredith remained unaware of any deeper connection between them. 

She believed it was merely work-related, as Matty would return home to her after their studio sessions.

Mickelson's inner circle have expressed their anger and disappointment towards Matty Healy, claiming that he mistreated her and labeling him as "not a good guy."