Meghan Markle plans to relaunch herself in new show 'King Charles'

Meghan Markle has reportedly decided to relaunch her career with a new show

By Melanie Aiden May 21, 2023

Meghan Markle has planned to relaunch her career with a new show called King Charles 

Meghan Markle has reportedly decided to relaunch herself in a new show called King Charles.

The prime-time series, that will air on CNN derived its name from its co-hosts Gayle King, who is a dear friend of Prince Harry and Meghan, and Charles Barkly, a basketball star-tuned-pundit.

According to source close to the production of the show, the Duchess of Sussex is being pegged as their top guest in hopes to have a massive launch of the show.

A production source said: "Meghan is right at the top of their wanted list and Gayle and the show’s executives believe the duchess would guarantee an enormous launch audience."

Earlier last month, King told Variety that she wants King Charles to be a one hour live, which will debut in late summer or early autumn, that will "offer good conversation without tearing other people down".

She added that she has keen interest in interviewing the Suits alum as she unveiled herself with "more serious image".

This comes after Meghan’s appearance at a recent awards ceremony in New York which as per media experts was dubbed as a "glam relaunch".

At the ceremony, she was given a Women of Vision award for her "lifelong advocacy for women and girls". 

Brand and culture expert Nick Ede said: "Meghan is positioning ¬herself as an inspirational figure – which she is to many – and she’s doing what she does best, highlighting causes while highlighting herself."