King Charles made Queen Elizabeth's pal sign a 'gagging order'

King Charles ensured that Queen Elizabeth II's pal signed a contract which ensured her a big gift for her silence

By George Johnson May 21, 2023

King Charles III has been called out for making a friend of Queen Elizabeth sign a contract that prevents her from speaking about the royals

A dear pal of Queen Elizabeth II was made to sign a "gagging order" in an agreement that allowed her to secure a home.

A royal insider told Mail on Sunday that Angela Kelly, the friend in question, was the Queen’s former dresser and had been living on the Windsor premises until recently where she was forced to vacate it.

The publication revealed that she was made to sign a non-disclosure agreement so that she could receive a new home on the basis of grace-and-favour terms.

For the unversed, the agreement would see Kelly receive a home that is either rent free or one where she would have to pay minimal rent as a means to express gratitude for her service.

With the new contract, Kelly would have to refrain from using words like 'palace' and 'king' for commercial means.

The source stated that the contract was a "gagging order" which was done in order to prevent the woman from making mention of anything unwanted or intimate regarding the royal family for her book that she is currently working on.

During the Queen’s life she had already published two books, the third, for which the late royal had given her approval for, however with the new contract and King Charles III sitting on the throne the prospect of it is likely to change.

As of yet, the exact location of her new abode has not been disclosed however, Kelly made the announcement of her big move on Instagram, where she showed herself moving all of her possessions from Windsor into a moving van.