May 21, 2023


Sauti Sol announce plans to split after final tour, album release

Sauti Sol has declared an indefinite break from the music world after their world tour

By Betty Cruise May 21, 2023
Sauti Sol has announced that they will be be releasing their final album and will split up after
Sauti Sol has announced that they will be be releasing their final album and will split up after 

Sauti Sol has announced that they will be going on an indefinite break  after their release their last album and the conclusion of their world tour at the end of this year.

The foursome will embark on a final tour in the US, Europe and Canada regions; they will go from May 21 to September 3. 

This will be in "celebration of their remarkable journey" since each member will take some time for their own personal selves thereafter.

In a statement released on their social media handles the group recalled how their music journey was wonderful for themselves and each other as friends and colleagues. 

They expressed that their music strove to bring joy to others around them and they felt gratified with all the love and affection showered over them.

The hiatus was termed as one for "personal and collective reasons" both.

The bond that they share is unbreakable and they are excited for whatever is yet to come.

"Sauti Sol has been an incredible journey for us, both as musicians and friends, We are filled with gratitude for the love and support we have received throughout the years. While we take this hiatus to pursue our individual and collective passions, we remain committed to our friendship and our shared businesses. The bond between us is unbreakable and we are excited for what the future holds," the statement read.

Speaking of their final album they shared that it "promises to be a fitting reflection of their musical journey as a band".

"Fans can look forward to a new single coming very soon, which will be a taste of what’s to come from the band’s final album," read the statement.

Thus, it is meant to be an evocation of their musical and personal emotions.

Fans in Kenya will get a chance to experience their performance with American R&B legends Boyz II Men on June 10th and an encore performance at the annual Sol Fest in Nairobi on December 16, 2023.