Prince Andrew 'worried knives are out' as King Charles pushes to vacate Windsor estate

King Charles has decided to opt for strict measures to ensure that Prince Andrew vacate his current residence at Windsor

By Betty Cruise May 21, 2023

King Charles has reportedly decided to go all in to ensure that Prince Andrew vacates the Royal Lodge in Windsor

King Charles is reportedly prepared to use extreme measures to ensure that his brother Prince Andrew vacates the Royal Lodge in Windsor.

According to Mail on Sunday, the monarch has already considered cutting off gas and electricity supply to the disgraced Duke of Sussex’s £30m mansion in a bid to force him out of the property.

Against the backdrop of claims that the monarch was not going to opt for strict ways, a source told the publication that King Charles may even be open to severing ties with his own brother, who has consistently refused to comply.

Speaking on Prince Andrew's worries, the source said: "He’s concerned now the Coronation is over, the knives are out. He’s worried that the royals might even turn off the utilities to get him out of there. But we’re dealing with human beings, not real estate."

This claim comes after the Duke of York reportedly sought to "see out" the 55 years that remain on his lease which he signed when some two decades ago.

King Charles reportedly wants to move the Duke of York into Frogmore Cottage so that Prince William, Kate Middleton and their family can live at the sprawling lodge.

Palace insiders revealed that there initially was a September deadline for Prince Andrew and his former wife Sarah Ferguson to vacate the space but it was later seen to be too soon.

In fact, the lease, which is under Andrew’s name, could give the newly-crowned monarch some issues.

Speaking to The Times the source said at the time: "This is a lease between him and the Crown Estate. That’s not a matter for the King. It’s a matter for the chancellor of the exchequer. The only way you could get him to move out would be through an arrangement — he would have to agree."