Carlos Valdes reveals why he did not return for The Flash season finale

Carlos Valdes revealed that there were a plethora of reasons for why he was unable to return as Cisco in the season finale of The Flash

By Ellen James May 21, 2023
Cisco Ramon starred as Carlos Valdes in The Flash but could not return as the beloved character in the season finale
Cisco Ramon starred as Carlos Valdes in The Flash but could not return as the beloved character in the season finale 

Carlos Valdes who played Cisco Ramon explained why he was unable to return as the beloved character in series finale of The Flash.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, the Valdes spilled that he was out of the  Arrowverse drama’s series finale due to a scheduling issue.

He stated  he did consider it but with issues going on in his professional and private life there was not any way that it could happen.

"I did consider it," admitted Valdes to the publication. 

"Honestly, there was no way to make it happen with regards to my schedule and just all the different creative ventures and life circumstances that I was trying to juggle at that time." 

Ramos added that he was filming Hulu’s musical rom com Up Here while The Flash was shooting its ninth season thereafter.

Having to skip shooting for the show, Ramos shared that it was as he wanted to honor the series.

"I couldn't really make it work, which was really heartbreaking to me because I thought, if I decided to step away from the show, at the very least I have to be there for the finale to round this thing out and to really honor the full circle-ness of it," added Valdes. "It was really heartbreaking to not be able to make it work."

The star debuted in the season 2 episode of Arrow, in The Man Under the Hood

He was then a main cast member of The Flash for the show’s first seven seasons regularly, providing tech support for Scarlet Speedster and the rest of the team.

He departed from the show in midway through season seven and returned for the season finale which saw that Ramon had officiated the West-Allen vow renewal.

Since then, the character has been off-screen in the show. 

He has been living in Star City with his girlfriend Kamilla and working for A.R.G.U.S. as the Director of Tech and Science.

Apart from Ramos, the series reprised roles of John Wesley Shipp as The Flash

He will be returning to help Scarlet Speedster to stop Cobalt Blue, who has resurrected speedsters like Tom Cavanagh’s Reverse-Flash and Teddy Sear’s Zoom.