May 21, 2023


Kazuha, K-pop group Le Sserafim's member, spills about her ideal type

Kazuha's ideal type does not depends on sex but opinions

By Betty Cruise May 21, 2023
Kazuha, K-pop group Le Sserafims member, spills about her ideal type

Kazuha, K-pop group Le Sserafim's member, spills about her ideal type

Unquestionably, Kazuha is one of those young idols who made a splash as soon as they entered the K-Pop industry. People were drawn to her right away because of the charm that her considerable background as a ballerina brought to her already well-known appeal. Her calmer demeanour lends her a mysterious atmosphere, which only increases fans' desire to learn more about her.

A curious Fearnot didn't pass up the chance to participate in a Fansign, one of the best occasions for fans to do that. A fan of Music Korea who attended the LE SSERAFIM fan sign event on May 19 tweeted about their encounter with Kazuha. The OP (original poster) claimed that they questioned Kazuha about her preferred type because it is one of those crucial inquiries that every K-Pop idol must address at some point in their career.

Kazuha, however, initially enquired as to whether the supporters were referring to her type in both men and women.

She responded by expressing that she likes people who have their own perspectives and beliefs when the fan clarified that they meant people in general. They penned: "I asked Kazuha if she has an ideal type, and she asked back, 'Man? Or woman?' When I said I wanted to know in general, she replied 'Someone who has their own opinions?'"

Many fans took to social media to praise the answer since she did not automatically define her taste in just men. One fan wrote: "South Korea is opening up one step at a time, I see."

"Fourth generation female idols have fourth-generation minds," wrote another.