May 21, 2023

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Fans react to Marvel's announcement of Ms. Marvel's death

Marvel announces death of first Muslim Ms. Marvel in the upcoming comic book

By Betty Cruise May 21, 2023
Fans react to Marvels announcement of Ms. Marvels death

Fans react to Marvel's announcement of Ms. Marvel's death

Ms. Marvel will die in the future comic book, according to Marvel.

Spider-Man #26, which will be published on May 31, will see Ms. Marvel and Spider-Man saving the world while the former accepts her valiant death.

The superhero, whose true name is Kamala Khan, is the first Muslim superhero in the comic book industry. She debuted in 2014 with a standalone comic, in addition to Captain Marvel's brief cameo in 2013.

The comic book Fallen Friend: The Death of Ms. Marvel, which will be published in July, is another way the studio has chosen to honour the soon-to-be-dead hero.

"The heart of the Marvel Universe has stopped beating," Marvel said in a release. "Now join the other heroes of the Marvel Universe, the creators of Ms. Marvel, and comic fans everywhere in honoring and remembering one of Marvel’s brightest stars."

Many fans were stunned by the announcement because The Marvels, which features Ms. Marvel, is scheduled to debut in November.

On social media, fans lamented the choice to eliminate the only Muslim superhero in Marvel.

"A white male American comic book writer has killed off a Brown female Muslim character in a white character centered comic book for... No real good reason outside of a Fridged trope. He killed Ms Marvel Kamala Khan to motivate Peter Parker Spider-Man," one fan commented.

Another added, "Zeb Wells.... killed.... Ms. Marvel...."

"Before I go, I think a rebrand is in order in Kamala's honor. RIP Ms. Marvel, you did not deserve this at all...," a third chimed in.