Donal Gibson exposes bitter rift to brother Mel's actions

Donal Gibson shares heartbreak with Mel: "I hate what he has become"

Donal Gibson exposes deep rift with brother Mel Gibson.

Donal Gibson, the younger brother of Hollywood superstar Mel Gibson, finds himself in a stark contrast with his more famous sibling. 

While Mel is renowned for both his on-screen achievements, such as his Academy Award-winning role in Braveheart and iconic performances in films like Mad Max and Lethal Weapon, he is equally infamous for his off-screen meltdowns. 

In contrast, Donal, at the age of 65, enters the esteemed Polo Lounge in Hollywood, seemingly unnoticed by the industry power players who fill the restaurant's blue leather booths. 

Donal shares the same striking blue eyes and rugged good looks as his brother Mel, which have contributed to his sibling's global stardom. 

He delves into the profound toll that Hollywood fame and fortune extracted from their once unbreakable bond. 

Notably, Donal attributes the controversial movie The Passion of the Christ, which reportedly earned Mel an astounding $425 million (£340 million), as the catalyst for their estrangement.

"Mel and I were once so close that I find it unbelievable that we’re not talking, that we’re not in touch, Donal expressed, shaking his head.

 "When we were kids we shared a bedroom, we did everything together."

"When he came to LA, I followed. He’s only two years older than me so he was my big brother, my best friend. 

When he became famous there was no jealousy. I was happy for him, proud that he’d made it.

Fame changed him. He started believing in his own publicity. 

The Mel I knew disappeared."

"Hollywood ate him up and spat him out. 

To me, the fame, the money, it all went to his head and created a monster. I hate what he has become."