John Cena REGRETS being ‘Short-Sighted and Selfish’ in Dwayne Johnson Feud

John Cena talks about his feud with The Rock Dwayne Johnson

By Melanie Aiden May 21, 2023
John Cena REGRETS being ‘Short-Sighted and Selfish’ in Dwayne Johnson Feud

John Cena admits his mistake.

Reflecting on his WWE fight with Dwayne Johnson, John Cena acknowledges that he was "short-sighted and selfish" at the time.

Cena claimed he "really messed up" by feuding with Johnson between 2011 and 2013 when he returned to WWE after quitting nearly a decade earlier to pursue a full-time film career in the May 18 episode of the Happy Sad Confused podcast.

Naturally, both Cena and Johnson are now well-known Hollywood actors, with Cena starring in the upcoming action-adventure movie "Red One" with Chris Evans and Johnson starring in the recently released "Fast X" as Dom Toretto's brother.

“I got selfish, and me living WWE at the point and not having any concept of growth or someone else’s perspective, I took Dwayne’s comments as not genuine,” Cena said.

“My view was, if you love something, be there everyday. What a hypocrite I am, because I still love WWE and I can’t go all the time. And I just didn’t see that, I was so selfish.”

Two widely watched WrestleMania battles in 2012 and 2013 marked the conclusion of their feud, with Johnson taking the first one while Cena prevailed in the rematch. The rivalry between the two made for excellent television, but Cena has some regrets about the way things turned out.

“I wanted a main event marquee match because it would better what I thought was the business. And that’s so short-sighted and selfish,” he said.

“It worked, but it worked at the cost of two people who communicated and almost put it in jeopardy. And there was a moment where there was a lot of bad vibes between us, and rightfully so.”

Despite their prior conflict, the two have developed a close friendship. “It was almost at the cost of our friendship, which I would like to say now is in a really good place,” Cena said.