Martin Amis, ‘Zone of Interest’ Author dead at 73

Martin Amis dies just after Cannes Film Festival premiere of his novel adaptation

Martin Amis, ‘Zone of Interest’ Author dead at 73
Martin Amis, ‘Zone of Interest’ Author dead at 73

Martin Amis is in peace.

Martin Amis, a British author best known for his work "The Zone of Interest," passed away at the age of 73. Only one day after the acclaimed Cannes Film Festival premiere of his 2014 novel's big-screen adaptation, news of his passing broke.

According to his wife, the author Isabel Fonseca, Amis passed away from esophageal cancer, as reported by The New York Times. He passed away in the family's Lake Worth, Florida, residence.

Martin Amis life, work and achievements 

Over the course of his career, Amis published 15 novels, several of which were made into films. One of the most talked-about premieres to come out of Cannes thus far is "Under the Skin" director Jonathan Glazer's interpretation of Amis' terrifying Nazi drama "The Zone of Interest."

He was also well-known for his "London trilogy" of books, which included "The Information" (1995), "Money: A Suicide Note" (1985), and "London Fields" His crime novel "Night Train" was made into the 2018 film "Out of Blue," which starred Patricia Clarkson as a detective looking into an astrophysicist's murder.

Amis, the well-known "Lucky Jim" author's son, also released a well-liked autobiography in 2000 titled "Experience," which focused on his tumultuous relationship with his father.

Amis, who was raised in Oxford, studied English at the university and then found employment as a journalist and editor at periodicals including The Times of London and The New Statesman. He made his closest buddy, author Christopher Hutchins, there.