May 21, 2023


Kate Middleton as QUEEN BEE in New ‘Photo’

Kate Middleton’s office releases picture of Princess of Wales handling bees like experts

By Ellen James May 21, 2023

Kate Middleton is a Bee woman.

A new image of the 41-year-old Princess of Wales handling bees was posted by her office on Saturday.

The image, which was captured by Princess Kate and Prince William's favourite photographer, Matt Porteous, last summer, celebrates World Bee Day and the royal family's personal role in fostering favourable conditions for bee populations.

Additionally, the picture was posted to The Prince and Princess of Wales' official Instagram account with the statement "We are buzzing about #WorldBeeDay."

"Bees are a vital part of our ecosystem and today is a great opportunity to raise awareness of the essential role bees and other pollinators play in keeping people and the planet healthy," the caption concluded.

Kate Middletons bee keeping picture
Kate Middleton's bee keeping picture

At Anmer Hall, a residence on the Sandringham estate, Kate keeps bees and even creates her own honey. When she visited the Natural History Museum in London a few years ago, she brought a jar from her collection along to exhibit some youngsters.

Beekeeping is Kate Middleton's HOBBY

She enjoys beekeeping with her brother James Middleton, who has also expressed interest in the pastime.

"Many of you know I am passionate about dogs, but not many know I am almost as passionate about bees," he wrote on Instagram in August 2019.

"I'm fascinated by the little creatures. From their waggle dance to the queen laying her own body weight in eggs a day… there's a lot to be said about these humble little creatures."