The Weekend declared king of music world by Guinness Book of World

The Weekend soars high on Guinness Book of World records

By Ellen James March 22, 2023

The Weekend declared king of music world by Guinness Book of World

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, The Weekend is the reigning musical king. on Spotify, at least. With a staggering 111.4 million monthly listeners on Spotify, Torontian Abel Tesfaye—his real name—just broke two brand-new records. He also became the first artist to reach 100 million monthly listeners on the streaming service.

But there's more: With an astounding 3.47 billion listens as of Monday, The Weeknd's song Blinding Lights    is currently the most listened-to song ever on Spotify. Yes, it has outperformed every other music that has ever been played on the platform.

Even despite being passed over by the Grammys, Blinding Lights    nevertheless managed to set a record for the longest-charting song in Billboard Hot 100 history, spending an astounding 90 weeks on the chart.

How did The Weeknd compare to other musicians?

How does The Weeknd's success stack up to that of other well-known figures in the field? In terms of monthly Spotify listeners, Shakira is the artist with the most of them (81.6 million), followed by Ariana Grande (80.6 million), Taylor Swift (80.2 million), and Rihanna (78.5 million).

His most recent song, Die For You, featuring Ariana Grande, debuted at the top of the Billboard Hot 100. It's both artists' seventh number-one hit and fourth time working together. Die For You    is actually a remix of The Weeknd's hugely popular song Starboy,    which he released back in 2016.

Speaking about the achievement, The Weeknd has set previous global records. He has actually already achieved a number of Guinness World Records, such as the Most Streamed Album of 2015 and the Most Consecutive Weeks by a Solo Male Artist in the Top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100.