Shakira, Karol G's TQG soars high, setting new records

Shakira and Karol G's song break streaming records

By Madison Raymond March 21, 2023
Shakira, Karol G's TQG soars high, setting new records

Colombian natives Shakira and Karol G have teamed up to record the well-renowned TQG, a highly successful musical collaboration, to make amends with their famous ex-partners.

Both Karol G and Shakira are singing about their ex-partners.

Because both ladies are going through the same things and Karol G is also singing about her ex-partner, Anuel AA, the messages in this episode of Shakira's "life after Piqué" are not as explicit regarding the relationship between the Barranquilla native and the former soccer player, among other reasons.

TQG has a smooth reggaeton beat that is alternated between the two performers to create a 'perreo' that is both refined and seductive. Even those who dislike the genre have expressed a positive opinion of the song.

Karol G's latest album, Maana será bonito     (Tomorrow Will Be Beautiful), her fourth since launching her recording career in 2017 with "Unstoppable," features TQG.

TQG means:

They stand for "Te Quedé Grande," which roughly translates to "you weren't large enough for me." Shakira repeats this line in Session #53 with Bizarrap, one of the tracks that have received the most streaming worldwide in recent months.

In a recent interview, Karol G disclosed that TQG    and Mami    were both written at the same time, but that because she wanted the themes of her songs to change, she opted to put TQG    on hold and not utilize it in the previous albums.

"I decide that it's a song that I'm going to keep for me, for my friends, we used to listen to it in the car, but that's as far as that song was going to stay, it was going to be simply a song for me personally."