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Shaquille O'Neal feels good after hip surgery: 'Got some BBL work'

Shaquille O'Neal makes her fans sure that he is doing alright after hip surgery

By Ellen James March 21, 2023
Shaquille O'Neal feels good after hip surgery: 'Got some BBL work'

Despite undergoing hip surgery, Shaquille O'Neal is in high spirits.

A day after sharing a picture of himself in a hospital bed with an IV linked to his arm on social media, the 51-year-old retired NBA player assured supporters that he was alright.

O'Neal posted a funny vintage video of himself wearing a Lakers jersey and flashing his buttocks on Twitter. A remix of Adele's Hello    was added to the video, which was modified to display a distorted perspective of his behind.

"To all the people who are worried and concerned. first off, let me say thank you," wrote the NBA on TNT co-host before he joked, "And lastly no need to worry, just had to get some BBL WORK AKA #hipreplacement. Thanks and love you all. but no need to worry and yes i'm fine."

The American Board of Cosmetic Surgery describes a BBL as a Brazilian butt lift, which involves transferring fat from the hips, belly, lower back, and thighs into the buttocks.

When the athlete published the hospital photo on Sunday, many of his followers were alarmed.

He mentioned in the photo that he is "always watching" his TNT co-hosts Candace Parker and Ernie Johnson, even while he is in the hospital.

"Miss y'all," O'Neal added.