Jake Paul to no longer fight KSI?

Jake Paul reportedly turned down a contract to fight KSI

By Melanie Aiden March 20, 2023
Jake Paul has allegedly backed out from the KSI fight 

Professional boxer Jake Paul  backed out of KSI fight  or what we call a planned summer bout. 

For years now fans  of the two YouTube stars  have been waiting for both to  touch gloves   and it seemed like  the day was  almost here  after they mutually agreed to fight in 2023. 

After Jake's recent loss to  Tommy Fury  claiming the former is being long with negotiations, KSI might shift his focus to fight Fury instead. 

Now the British YouTuber's manager explained Jake has surrendered to  face-off KSI this summer, while others reporting he turned down a contract. 

In a recent Twitter space,  KSI was accused by one fan  of dodging Jake , where then his manager  Mams  Taylor shed light on how Jake is the one holding up all the negotiations. 

"Jake has the contract. It’s not in our hands,  We redlined it and sent it back to him. He redlined it, sent it back to us, we redlined it, sent it back to him, and now the ball’s in his court."

Mams then followed up  revealing that he got a call from  Jake's team who told him that Jake is not looking to fight KSI, this summer. 

"I did get a call from Jake’s team saying, hey, Jake doesn’t want to fight KSI in summer like we wanted because of some excuses. Whatever. Basically, he doesn’t want to fight KSI. He wants to fight other people." 

He continued, "We booked Wembley stadium, we were ready, and he’s backed out." 

Furthermore, an interviewer Fred Beck also confirmed that a contract was sent to Jake  two weeks ago, which he declined . 

"Jake Paul was sent a contract to fight KSI by Mams Taylor two weeks ago. All material terms were agreed, but Jake Paul has declined." 

Jake's  Most Valuable Promotions has  since disputed the claims, "Who at MVP did you check this with before tweeting it like it’s a fact?"