Tesla's FSD Beta goes for a wide release

Elon Musk's Tesla is rolling out more vehicles gradually

By Madison Raymond March 20, 2023
More vehicles are being updated with the new FSD Beta v11 

Tesla has started slowly rolling out  v11  of the  Full-Self driving  Beta Program this morning. 

This comes just a few days after the CEO Elon Musk  stated that the company would begin releasing  more vehicles. 

The controlled rollout allows   Tesla to monitor its  behavior and tendencies in a highly safe way  as it can determine issues  or bugs in a small sample size  and fix it before going in for  a wider launch. 

FSD Beta V11.3.1  started to roll out to employees late last year  and a select few of the automaker's  long-standing testers a few days ago. 

On March 14, Musk tweeted  that v11 would start going live, this weekend  and it appears the automaker is quite happy with the reviews and all the hype that motivates him to   release more cars. 

To note, v11  is the  newest version of the Beta  and is coming out with Tesla software update   2022.45.11.

As per statistics gathered from TeslaScope, drivers who have experienced the early editions of this rollout   have reported that there have been several improvements  to highway driving and  inner-city street navigation  as it  feels more accurate, which is to no doubt a step in the right direction. 

There is improved handling in situations with high curvature  or large trucks by offsetting  in lanes to maintain safety  to other cars on the road and increase comfort.