Georgina Rodriguez's Netflix show recounts her painful miscarriages

Georgina Rodriguez's Netflix programme recounts her painful miscarriages before to her baby's death.

By Maryland Hargreaves March 19, 2023
Georgina Rodriguez's Netflix show recounts her painful miscarriages 

In the forthcoming second season of her Netflix documentary, football star Cristiano Ronaldo's girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez revealed how she suffered three catastrophic miscarriages before the heartbreaking loss of her baby boy Angel.

Georgina, 29, sobbed as she revealed the sad baby loss in her new Netflix show for the first time.

The influencer will reveal the terrible information after watching the pilot of I Am Georgina in an "exclusive" setting and recalling the hardest time she experienced when she lost one of her twins after childbirth, according to the Spanish news website El Espanol.

At a hospital in Manchester, Georgina and Ronaldo welcomed their daughter Bella Esmeralda in April of last year. Sadly, her male twin brother Angel passed away.

Describing her heartbreaking losses, Georgina revealed in the first episode of the second series, which begins on March 24, "Every time I went to the gynaecologist’s at night I had nightmares because I was worried about what position they would be in, what the delivery would be like, if it would be a cesarean section."

"I was very afraid at each ultrasound, I felt very tense because I’d had three previous miscarriages and I came home in pieces," she said.

Georgina defined her visits to the gynaecologist as "horrible, because I was always vomiting.”

Expressive Georgina also praised her partner for his "unconditional support and love" and added in the first chapter of her second series: "He has played a really important role. Gods put the right people in your path."