Sample size drama between Priyanka Chopra, ex-stylist Law Roach explained

By George Johnson March 19, 2023
Priyanka Chopra and Law Roach sample sized controversy unveiled 

American fashion stylist Law Roach  reacted to superstar Priyanka Chopra's  comment about someone making her cry  when she was told that she was not sample sized. 

This came just a few days post  Law's shocking announcement   about his retirement as a celebrity stylist. 

Although the Citadel actress did not take any names in the revelation, Law who has styled  Chopra for several red carpet events  and shoots in the past  gave his two cents on it.

Law was interviewed by The Cut   about his sudden retirement decision  and at the same time was also asked  about his feelings regarding Chopra's quote. 

He replied,  "It was a little bit hurtful in a way that it ended up in the press, you know? Because that wasn’t the real conversation. I’ve never had that conversation with her, ever." 

The 44-year-old then further  revealed that his  statement was taken out of context and  presented to her in a certain way by the gatekeepers. 

"It is her gatekeepers, how they presented what I said to her to make her feel that way. I am sure it was taken outta context to get her to be like, 'Oh, okay, I’m not working with him no more. He’s insensitive to my body.' Which I’m like, 'How is that possible? I’ve been dressing you since pre-pandemic, and it’s been nothing but great things." 

"I become the bad guy because I am the one working with  clothes  and the body." 

"I’m just talking about in general, I need to be the one to say, 'Oh, be careful because the pictures aren’t as beautiful because you coming across a little thicker than you used to be.' So they’ll say that to me or have a discussion with me but then take it back as if I was the lead in the discussion," expressed Law. 

Chopra as for now has not addressed Law's clearance message. 

What was Priyanka Chopra's response to not being called sample-sized 

Last week, the actress appeared  on a  panel  at the South by Southwest film festival   and there someone commented that she is not sample-sized, seemingly pointing towards the stylist. 

"Someone told me yesterday that I wasn't sample-sized. I was hurt and I discussed it with my family," Chopra says via Buzzfeed

She continues,   "I cried to my husband, and my team, and I felt really bad about the fact that I'm not sample size, and that's a problem, apparently, and most of us are not." 

To note sample size refers to size 0 and size 4  and most red-carpet ensembles are only available in those sizes, making it hard for people to dress up who do not fall under these categories. 

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