King Charles III goes nuts over 'noisy' Changing of Guard ceremony

By Ellen James March 19, 2023
King Charles appeared to lose his cool at the Change of Guard ceremony 

King Charles III    lost his cool  at the Changing of Guard ceremony outside the Buckingham Palace  as it turned out that it was too distracting for him. 

The 74-year-old seemed bothered by all the noise and chaos that ensued  at the ceremony , diverting him from his state business, according to a leaked memo  from the monarch's office obtained  by The Sun. 

The note reportedly read, "His Majesty remarked the other day how loud the outgoing sentries were at St James’s Palace in the morning."

 "Full marks for vigour and volume, but please could you pass down to those on guard that Clarence House is a residence and so some volume control would be very much appreciated by those inside!" adds the note. 

Prince William and Harry's father  struggled to accomplish any work  inside Clarence House while the troops  called the shots  outside his windows. 

It is to be noted that the Changing of Guard ceremony is a royal tradition and takes place outside  Buckingham Palace and St. James, located  near Charles and Camilla's  residence Clarence House. 

Charles is to be crowned king on May 6  in a grand coronation procession.  Harry and Meghan Markle have been reportedly invited but their little kids were not asked in to join although Kate Middleton and Prince William's children will be present. 

The Sussex's are in two minds about gracing the event due to  broken ties. 

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