March 19, 2023


Larsa Pippen Had SEX ‘Four Times’ Night For 23 Years

Larsa Pippen talks about ‘fulfiling’ sex life while being married to Scottie Pippen

By Jean Valjean March 19, 2023
Larsa Pippen Had SEX ‘Four Times’ Night For 23 Years

Larsa Pippen had enough.

Larsa Pippen has stated that she had sex four times per night for the 23 years she was married to Scottie Pippen. Of course, that's a really crazy metric and difficult to think about even without doing so logistically.

But, responses on social media were unavoidably quick, horrified, and frequently dubious. Also, she shared these insights with Andy Cohen in the three-part reunion teaser for the Real Housewives of Miami.

To discuss the relationship further, the two went to Way Up with Angela Yee.

“We actually met at a party four years ago. And I feel like a lot of people want to like, spin things. Like, ‘Oh, they’ve known each other their whole life!’ I’m like, ‘By the way, we did not.’”

They also highlighted that throughout the peak of Mike and Scottie's Chicago Bulls tenure, they didn't actually interact. They said, "We missed that era."

She discussed the relationship in further depth on Tamron Hall's talk show in the interim.

Larsa Pippen's thoughts on 'maturity'

Before explaining the coincidence of dating his ex's former teammate's son, she remarked, "Age doesn't determine your level of maturity."

“I didn’t plan it like that. We were just together a lot with our friends. You gotta remember — being with an athlete, you get scrutinized a lot. People don’t think you should have a life once you get divorced. I feel like I should have love and be able to date who I want and live happy and go wherever I wanna go and not be judged every time I’m seen with someone. It’s hard.”