March 18, 2023


Kim Kardashian makes waves during Arsenal match with Prime Hydration haul

Kim Kardashian shows off the Prime Hydration collection during a soccer game

By Ellen James March 18, 2023
Kim Kardashian attends a match of football and their unveils major Prime collection 

Supermodel Kim Kardashian   surprised soccer fans  and the general sporting world   when she graced the Europa  league match this week  showing off her Prime Hydration drinks collection  from the stadium. 

She made a rare appearance   as Arsenal and Sporting Lisbon  faced-off at the Emirates stadium where she arrived with her son Saint. 

In an Instagram post, the beauty mogul  shared a picture of Prime alongside  some programs for the soccer game  captioning  her story, " send help SOS." 

This post therefore got the Prime hydration creators Logan Paul and KSI overjoyed  as the biggest model gets  her eyes on the most hyped of all the beverages. 

While it was not clear what Kim was referring to when she asked for help , seeing the Prime drinks appear during an arsenal game  was to be expected given that it is the official hydration partner for the club. 

Kim's appearance did garner worldwide attention  with major sports outlets around the world  posting online about her at the games.  ESPN posted , "Kim Kardashian was a fan of that Saka penalty," while others stated how  happy she was. 

Time will tell if  her recent appearance will set in motion  a more regular sporting outing for the model.