March 17, 2023


Robert Smith calls out Ticketmaster for charging fans 'unduly high' fees

The Cure had previously announced affordable tickets for fans

By Arid Khaled March 17, 2023
Robert Smith calls out Ticketmaster for charging fans 'unduly high' fees 

Ticketmaster has agreed to refund some of the fees it took from fans for the tickets for the upcoming Cure’s US Tour.

The development comes after the band’s frontman Robert Smith took note of the incident and demanded the website pay fans back.

Taking to Twitter Thursday, the musician told fans that he was “as sickened as you all are,” assuring them that he’d contact Ticketmaster after many took to social media to complain about the high prices of the tickets.

“I have been asking how they are justified,” Smith wrote in all caps. “If I get anything coherent by way of an answer I will let you all know.”

According to the band’s previous announcement, they had kept the ticket fee affordable for fans at as low as $20.

However, once the fans accessed them on the website, Ticketmaster showed the higher costs for the same ticket.

Robert Smith Issues Update on The Debacle:

“After further conversation, Ticketmaster have agreed with us that many of the fees being charged are unduly high, and as a gesture of goodwill have offered a $10 per ticket refund to all verified fan accounts for lowest ticket price (‘ltp’) transactions,” the singer wrote in another tweet on Thursday.

He also revealed that for the fans who had already bought the more expensive tickets, Ticketmaster has issued a $5 refund for them. 

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