March 18, 2023


Keanu Reeves family and their relationship with each other

Keanu Reeves recalled he spent minimum time period with his family

By Betty Cruise March 18, 2023
Keanu Reeves with her mother Patricia Taylor

The Canadian native actor, Keanu Reeves was born on September 02, 1964, in Lebanon to parents Patricia Taylor and Samuel Nowlin Reeves Jr. But after two years of the actor's birth, his parents parted ways.

Samuel, an American of Chinese, Irish, English, Portuguese, and Native Hawaiian ancestry, is an English native from the UK county of Hampshire, whereas Patricia is English. Sam died tragically in 2018 at the age of 75 in Honolulu's Ewa Beach .

When Patricia and Samuel first connected, she was a costume designer. For the Playboy Magazine cover in October 1978, she created the recognisable bunny outfit that Dolly Parton wore. According to rumours, Keanu Reeves wore the same attire to a Halloween party when he was a youngster.

Samuel was not involved in Keanu's upbringing; he was a farmer who spent the majority of his time in Honolulu  and regrettably, father and son never reconciled.

Between 1963 and 1966, Reeves' parents had a short-lived marriage, and after their divorce, Patrica brought their children to Sydney, Australia, before relocating to New York City. The father of Reeves died in 2018 and had no touch with his kids. Of his life following Patricia, little is known.

For a fact, Keanu Reeves was always being very attached to his  mother and Patricia had played an almost part in his upbringing. 

Keanu Reeves about his parents:

During an interview with Conversations With Charlie in 2019, the John Wick famed actor talked about his parents:

"My mother and father were 22, 21, 22. My father was there. I actually don’t really know his story. I think it’s like he was in college and then left and then was in Beirut on the beach. My mother, English, ran away from home, Paris, working, showgirl but then also picking up pins in couture houses getting into fashion where she would end up becoming a clothing designer for musicians. Anne Murray, Dolly Parton. Anyway, so they met, they fell in love and they had a baby. That was me and then they stayed there for a few months and then they ended up going to Australia."

Reeves claimed that although his family only visited Sydney, Australia for a brief period of time, his sister Kim was born there. In 1966, his parents were divorced.

"Then they split up," Reeves said. "We went to New York and then I ended up in Toronto, Canada.'