Alison Hammonds teases Ben Hawkins split days after engagement rumors

By George Johnson March 17, 2023
Alison Hammonds teases Ben Hawkins split days after engagement rumors

Alison Hammond sparked confusion after she declared that she’s single only weeks after getting engaged to partner Ben Hawkins.

The 48-year-old presenter let her relationship status slip off the tongue during Friday’s segment of This Morning, where she exclaimed: “Well I am single!” as she discussed the upcoming Love Island spin-off show with co-host Dermot O’Leary.

Dermot teased Alison, encouraging her to apply at The Romance Retreat aka Love Island for oldies, telling her they were looking for “vibrant single parents.”

Another pair of panelists were also present as they gushed about the upcoming show with Alison affirming: “I'm excited. And good on Davina [McCall] for getting that one, I like that!”

Dermot reminded her that the winner of the show will get a cash prize at the end, to which Alison remarked: “I'd give the money to charity, but I could do that and find a nice man!”

Alison Hammond Previously Refuted Engagement Rumors:

The exchange comes days after Alison’s would-be father-in-law told Daily Mail that the couple had “proposed to each other.”

Next day during the show, Dermot teased Alison with the announcement, saying, “I hear a congratulations are in order, someone is getting married.”

Alison laughed: “Cut the music! I'm not engaged, I'm so sorry I'm not engaged!”

She continued: “I told you, if I was ever to get engaged or get married I would be the first person to tell you! I'd put all over Instagram and TikTok!”

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