Brianne Howey starrer Ginny & Georgia is expecting first baby

By Maryland Hargreaves March 17, 2023
Brianne Howey starrer Ginny & Georgia is expecting first baby

Brianne Howey is pregnant with her first baby.

The 33-year-old Ginny & Georgia star shared the good news along with a picture of herself wearing a long, brown maxi dress that boldly showed off her expanding baby bulge on Instagram on Thursday.

"@boss show with my forever new +1, thanks for having us!" raved Howey in the post's caption. "Loved every second of the new collection #hugoboss."

The revelation was also verified by a representative for the Netflix celebrity, who told People magazine they are "very delighted for Brianne and this new chapter." Howey and Matt Ziering, whom she married in July 2021 after rescheduling their wedding due to the COVID-19 outbreak, will have their first child together.

"It was the most beautiful feeling to be surrounded by so many people we love. The night was more magical than I could have ever imagined," Howey shared with the outlet at the time. "I wish all of my nights could end with a Son of a Gun fried chicken sandwich and a Spice Girls dance party."

Many of the actress's friends and supporters congratulated Howey in the comments section following Thursday's announcement.

"So. happy. for. you" wrote Antonia Gentry, who stars alongside Howey as her character's daughter in Ginny & Georgia. "I can't wait to be a big brother!!! Sooooooo excited!!!" added Diesel La Torraca, who recreates her son in the series.

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