Fact check: The Simpsons predicts Silicon Valley Bank collapse?

By Maryland Hargreaves March 17, 2023
The Simpsons made multiple predictions throughout its air time

The Simpsons have sent the internet into a frenzy yet again after the show reportedly predicted the Silicon Valley Bank collapse.

As per a March 13 clip on Facebook, it revealed a bank, that was labeled Silicon Valley Bank, which customers stormed into as they unsuccessfully tried to take their money out of the bank.

"The Simpson’s predicted a bank run at Silicon Valley Bank that will Collapse and then it happened few days ago," reads the post's caption.

The clip went on to make rounds causing many to speculate that the show, which is notorious for its freakishly accurate predictions, looked into the future.

However, USA Today determined that the clip was doctored as the original 1995 episode showed the bank’s sign as First Bank of Springfield rather than Silicon Valley Bank.

The clip emerged after the latter bank, in March, failed following mass withdrawals, marking a financial institution’s largest collapse since 2008.

Later, federal regulators announced that they were in the works of protecting deposits in a bid to divert from a financial crisis by establishing the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) that now holds all the Silicon Valley Bank’s assets.

Silicon Valley Bank, which was established in 1983, was among the biggest banks in America.

Prior to its collapse the bank provided services, like global commercial banking, venture capital and credit investing, private banking and wealth management, and investment banking, to the innovation sector. 

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