Davina McCall to host 'Love Island for oldies': 'It’s going to be AMAZING!'

The upcoming reality show will be titled The Romance Retreat and feature grown-ups

By Maryland Hargreaves March 16, 2023
The upcoming reality show will be titled The Romance Retreat and feature grown-ups 

Davina McCall is taking the reins of control on Love Island.

The 55-year-old television personality confirmed her place as the new host of the upcoming spin-off of the ITV reality show, The Romance Retreat.

Taking to Instagram Thursday, the former Big Brother presenter posted a video to share the news.

“I made it happen. I willed there to be an amazing new dating programme for grown-ups,” she gushed referring to the show that is oftenly dubbed as Love Island for Oldies.

McCall continued: “People who have lived a life, been through experiences, bad, moving, hard, tough lives. They’ve got luggage but they deserve love.”

“And it’s happening. It’s coming to ITV1 soon and we want to know if you want to be on it,” she added.

She also penned a lengthy caption for the video. “Omg.. i manifested and it came true !! I’ll be hosting a brand NEW grown up dating series for ITV1 !!”

McCall revealed that the show is for “single parents who have lived a life ,” “have stories to tell about their dating pasts” and “deserve another chance at love.”

“I’m gonna help you It will all take place in the most romantic countryside location !!” she continued. “We are still casting so if u want my help finding love and u have a child who is over 18 , what are you waiting for ??? ( particularly u eligible men .. where are you ?!”

She also provided a link to sign up, adding, “It’s going to be AMAZING !”