March 16, 2023

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Penn Badgley shares toddler's reaction after watching a crazy scene of YOU

Penn Badgley shares his toddler reaction after watching one of the scenes from Netflix thriller YOU

By Ellen James March 16, 2023

Penn Badgley shares toddler's reaction after watching a crazy scene of YOU

The star of the Netflix series You, Penn Badgley, startled audiences by sharing his toddler's hilarious response to seeing his father as Joe Goldberg on television.

The Gossip Girl actor, 36, recently provided a rare insight into his life since he and wife Domino Kirke welcomed their first kid, James Badgley, together in 2020 during his appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

"Well, you know he’s a pandemic kid," Badgley told Fallon on Tuesday. "Anybody who has kids, it’s a joy, it’s an immense – I mean, it’s wild. It’s lovely. It’s great. It’s a challenge. Shoutout to all the parents. Keep going! Keep going, it gets better."

When asked if James, his toddler, is aware that his father portrays a serial murderer in the Netflix drama series, Badgley said that while James had seen his father on film previously, he isn't totally aware of his psycho persona. He said with a chuckle, "We're gonna have to break that one to him."

"There was recently a day where I was doing something really sweet with him, you know, like in my lap," Badgley added.

"And then I sat on the remote and … it just went right to Netflix on the TV, and my face was right on the TV. He was like, 'Daddy!'."

"I started to race around because the next thing he was going to see was something really crazy."

The couple welcomed their first child together two years after getting married in a courthouse in New York City in 2017.