Meghan Markle deeply disturbed over brutal media attacks

Meghan Markle finds it painful to be hated over by the media

By Maryland Hargreaves March 15, 2023
Meghan Markle feels intense pain over being shamed by the media 

Prince Harry's wife Meghan Markle   is reportedly in extreme pain by how she  is   being portrayed  by the media. 

Meghan  finds all the hate agonizing and  it has been tough for her to cope up with all this but her husband really helped her get through it. 

Harry, who in  his memoir Spare made bombshell revelations against the royal family, also revealed  that once when he returned home  Meghan was crying  and said she did not want to do this anymore. 

"She was sobbing. Uncontrollably. My love, what’s happened? I thought for sure we’d lost the baby. I went to her on my knees. She choked out that she didn’t want to do this anymore. Do what? Live. I didn’t catch her meaning at first. I didn’t understand, maybe didn’t want to understand," wrote Harry in his book. 

"My mind just didn’t want to process the words. It’s all so painful, she was saying. What is? To be hated like this—for what? What had she done? she asked. She really wanted to know. What sin had she committed to deserve this kind of treatment?" he continues. 

"She just wanted to make the pain stop. Not only for her but for everyone. For me, for her mother. But she couldn’t make it stop, so she’d decided to disappear." 

After a decade-long tussle with the royal family Harry and Meghan have been asked to grace King Charles   III coronation but their kids are not invited. 

A royal expert claims that if the couple plan to attend the event then  they will look towards earning money  and maybe even film the procession for profit.