March 13, 2023


Lil Durk Wants One More Son while India Royale is Single

Lil Durk wants to get India Royale ‘back’, while she claims to be single

By Jean Valjean March 13, 2023
Lil Durk Wants One More Son while India Royale is Single

Lil Durk and India Royale have something going on.

India Royale confirmed she is single this week, and Lil Durk said he wanted one more son as their relationship problems continued. Also, considering Durk's most recent acts, social media reacted aggressively to these discoveries.

In case you missed it, the Chicago rapper recently made threats against readers of India Royale's comments sections to show that he wants her back. 

As many online rumours surfaced suggesting that the two might not even be separated up, Royale addressed these claims on Twitter. 

She stated bluntly that she has been alone for some time at this point.

“Now who said she was single?” one Twitter user wrote. “It was never confirmed that they broke up or even still together.”

India Clarified from her end, “Im very much single,” she replied. “Been, been.”

On his part, Durkio delivered a really peculiar, possibly sarcastic, and almost certainly deliberate remark about his relationships.

He posted on his Instagram story, "I want one more son, then I'm done. “Idk when or how but I do,” after much discussion and conjecture, it appears that the two are still not entirely in agreement.

Lil Durk's 'alleged' baby mother lashes out on Instagram

These remarks also come after The Voice's alleged baby mom slammed him in an Instagram outburst.

“How many facts y’all want don’t worry I’m going live!” Travonna wrote on her Instagram story.

“Family on board but you absent tf I had a baby by Durk not nobody else. But you tell everybody check in then ghost my son, I’m fed tf up. Stop f***in sayin get a lawyer go to court. It’s not the f***in easy state to state I’m sending a direct message to who I had a baby with!”