Justin Bieber death hoax: Viral claims debunked

Fake news regarding Justin Bieber's death began to circulate online

By Maryland Hargreaves March 12, 2023
Justin Bieber falls prey to a death hoax 

Justin Bieber isn't dead. The Peaches singer has yet again fallen victim to a fake news that claimed he died in a car crash. 

Well this is not the first time any celebrity was pronounced dead on social media. The most recent victim of this internet prank turned out to be the Canadian singer, although the claims were later debunked as he made an appearance the very same day which shows that he is alive. 

It all started with a viral article posted on March 5 stating that Justin's car crashed at over 100mph. Hashtag #JustinBieberDead is still the top trend on social media. 

So Justin fans don't worry the singer is alive and well. 

His wife Hailey although was not made part of the hoax did receive bashing at her own end which started off with the Selena Gomez drama. 

Justin Bieber fan reaction over death hoax 

Though the news is entirely fake it is enough to send Justin fans into a tizzy. 

He himself was totally shocked by the the rumors and so called out the fake post, "Somebody shared a fake post on FB about Justin Bieber dead and I fell for it smh." 

A second one then commented, "Whoever got my momma thinking Justin Bieber is dead can go to hell."