Jessica Alba explains 'Warrior' Persona reasons: ‘To Deter Hollywood Predators'

Jessica Alba opens up about ‘Hollywood Predators', how she saved herself

By Samantha David March 12, 2023
Jessica Alba explains 'Warrior' Persona reasons: ‘To Deter Hollywood Predators'

Jessica Alba became a warrior.

Jessica Alba recalls a time when she had to cultivate a "tough" persona in order to feel safe in Hollywood.

On the most recent episode of Who's Talking to Chris Wallace?, the 41-year-old actress and entrepreneur was asked if "the degree to which you were objectified as a sex symbol" bothered her as a young star.

While Alba responded that she "doesn't think there's anything wrong" with "owning your sexuality" and that she saw it as a "business decision and a strategy" at the time, she was still "nervous" because she was going against her innate personality.

"And how did you deal with that?" asked Chris Wallace.

"I was a warrior," the actress said. "I put up that energy. ... I was really tough, man."

At the time, Alba admitted she was "quite uncomfortable" in her skin," and that it wasn't until she “became a mom that I really started to even see myself as a woman or a sexual being or someone who owned her power and her femininity."

But prior to that, "I felt like I was very much having to put up this armor of masculine and masculine energy," said the Honest Company co-founder.

"So I wouldn't be preyed on, because there were a lot of predators in Hollywood from [the time I was] age 12 to 26."

Alba recalled her cursing "like a sailor" in order to put up a "warrior" front.

"I think I tried to make myself as unavailable as possible, so that I wouldn't be taken advantage of," she told Wallace, 75.

Jessica Alba became a 'businesswoman'

In terms of concentrating more on business than acting recently, the mother of three stated that her "priorities shifted a bit" after the birth of her first child, Honor, now 14 years old.

"I thought about my purpose differently. And I really started to assess what was bringing me joy and what I felt, at that time, [was] a little bit … draining," Alba explained.