Amber Heards mother preferred Johnny Depp over ‘controlling billionaire Elon Musk

Madison Raymond|July 30, 2020

A report claims Amber Heard’s mom preferred Johnny Depp over Elon Musk who gifted Heard a bugged Tesla

With a number of celebrities having been dragged into Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s court case as of late, new reports have come forward to solidify Musk’s alleged intimate involvement with Depp’s wife.

According to the report by the Daily Mail, an insider claims that Elon Musk once gifted Heard a Tesla fitted with a bugging device.

In a legal declaration, Jennifer Howell, Henriquez’s ex-boss, claimed that Whitney and her late mother Paige were close to Musk and allegedly even spoke about Heard’s relationship with him on numerous accounts, however, Paige always preferred Depp over the ‘controlling billionaire.’

As per Howell’s statement to Depp’s lawyers, “Paige shared with me while I was visiting Whitney that Elon Musk had gifted a Tesla or multiple Teslas (not sure if it was one or more), but Amber found out that they were ‘bugged’.”

Paige had dubbed Depp an “angel” and a “saint” when compared to Musk and hoped that couple would get back together. Howell went on to say, “Paige also told me the reason Johnny and Amber broke up was because Amber was violent and emotional and loved Johnny so much that she could not control it.”

“I was indeed taken aback because this conversation occurred after the divorce and when Hunter was only a few months old, and I was at Whitney’s house. Whitney told me that Amber and Johnny were still in touch and that they were each other’s true loves or something to that exact sentiment.”

She added, “Whitney was still going through the emotions of having had a baby and all of those ups and downs, and I could not believe that Amber and Johnny’s relationship was being discussed while Whitney was the one who needed to be the focal point and needed our support.”

However, soon after the claims were made, Henriquez came out and set the record straight over the “bizarre” claims since they were made out of “complete fiction”. Even sources close to Musk have rubbished Howell’s claims since they were first reported, and dubbed them the work of “pure fantasy land.”

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