February 11, 2023


Billie Eilish obtains restraining order against alleged intruder

Billie Eilish gets restraining order against an intruder who broke into singer's family home

By Madison Raymond February 11, 2023

Billie Eilish obtains restraining order against alleged intruder

Billie Eilish has now received a restraining order against an accused intruder after asking for one last month.

Billie said the event, along with five others before it, had made her fear for the safety of herself and her loved ones. It is believed that a guy attempted to break into the singer's childhood home.

A temporary restraining order was previously issued against the pop artist to prevent Christopher Anderson from approaching her and her family members.

After Anderson allegedly tried to enter her parents' Los Angeles home, she later showed up in court to request that the injunction be made more permanent.

According to TMZ, the judge issued a five-year order of protection on Thursday, February 9, after the singer appeared via video link for the hearing.

This includes Billie, her brother Finneas, who is also a musician, and her parents, Patrick and Maggie.

According to the injunction, the singer for Bad Guy's family must remain 100 yards away from Anderson, 39, and he is also forbidden from contacting her on social media or travelling close to her house, place of employment, or vehicle.

Billie stated in previous case-related records that Anderson-related episodes left her with "severe anxiety, terror, and emotional suffering."

Since December, he is reported to have visited the family residence multiple times.

Billie adamantly asserted that she no longer felt secure going to see her parents at the house where she and her brother were raised.

According to reports, Anderson has been expressing his affection and wanted to meet the artist.

Following allegations that a masked intruder had attempted to scale a fence and obtain entrance during the incident on January 5, police arrived on the site and captured a man.