February 11, 2023


Justin Bieber, Kodak Black sued by victims of shooting at Super Bowl LVI

Justin Bieber and Kodak Black including many identified as catalyst to the incident

By Madison Raymond February 11, 2023

Justin Bieber, Kodak Black sued by victims of shooting at Super Bowl LVI

Justin Beiber and Kodak Black are currently in court for a shootout that occurred during a Beiber concert after-party. Among the victims of the gunfight is Kodak Black, who is seeking restitution.

The shooting took place at the Nice Guy in Los Angeles, and the sufferers went all out, suing not only Bieber and Kodak Black but also the venue itself, The Hwood Group, and Revolve Group. They also moved out, charging the cities of Los Angeles, West Hollywood, and Los Angeles County for compensation.

All those responsible, including Kodak Black, who has been identified as the catalyst of the scenario that erupted into shots being fired by various parties, are being sued by Mark Schaefer and Adam Rahman.

In the documents that TMZ received, Mark Schaefer and Adam Rahman claimed that they were holding everyone accountable, including the security officers who let the situation get out of control as well as the venue, artists, and promoters.

Kodak's attorney, Bradford Cohen spoke to the press "I have seen a lot of bad complaints in my day. This is the most poorly drafted complaint I have seen in 26 years. I expect Kodak to be dismissed from this suit fairly quickly."

Cohen elaborated "There is zero specificity in the complaint and Ms. Allred groups the defendants all together instead of making specific allegations against each. It's law school 101. I am embarrassed for Ms. Allred that she actually signed her name to that complaint."