February 06, 2023


Billie Eilish teases her Valentine's Day perfume in risqué video

Billie Eilish launches her Valentine's day perfume

By Jean Valjean February 06, 2023

Billie Eilish teases her Valentine Day perfume in risqué video

Billie Eilish on her social media posted a racy video in lingerie, promoting and teasing her Valentine Day special perfume.

The Lovely singer shared a clip of herself endorsing her newly launched Valentine’s Day fragrance to her 180 million of Instagram family.

Eilish spotted advertising her perfume brand in a blurry video.

"Shop Eilish for Valentine's Day," read the caption, with the video garnering more than 1.4 million likes.

The famed pop singer shared pictures of herself soaking wet back in November in her bid to promote her Eilish No. 2. perfume.

"I couldn't be happier with every piece of this," she wrote on her Instagram post.

"I'm beyond excited for you to have it."