February 05, 2023


Prince Harry, Meghan Markle might start working for TV rom-coms: reports

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's focus shift on rom-coms now

By Betty Cruise February 05, 2023

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle might start watching TV rom-coms: reports

With Netflix, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle agreed to a multi-year arrangement tying them to the creation of films and television shows. The entire thing has essentially been a protracted documentary about the turbulence surrounding the Royal Family. Netflix was aware of and bet on the fact that this is what the Netflix audience cared about most.

However, Meghan and Harry already have a strategy in place for after this agreement is finished. According to a recent article from The Telegraph, the Royal couple will continue to produce scripted content with a positive message.

Due to her prior work as a professional performer, Meghan Markle has expertise in writing fictional material. Prince Harry's participation in the programme, or whether the two of them may host a prospective variety show, has not yet been confirmed. Since she has always had a strong desire for helping others, Meghan Markle will undoubtedly try to follow this path after the turmoil is over. According to the individual who talked with The Telegraph, said:

"There will be more of a heavy focus on fictional, scripted content. It will be rom coms, feel good and light-hearted programmes," a source speaking to The Telegraph about Meghan and Harry's preferences.

Considering that Prince Harry is unlikely to pursue acting, the source's suggestion that Meghan Markle would resume her career in those rom-coms makes sense. It will be interesting to see how Prince Harry handles his wife's on-screen love relationship if this occurs.

The main goal of creating those documentaries was for Harry to pressure his family to accept responsibility for treating Meghan Markle unfairly.

However, they have remained unresponsive, thus it is now unknown what might occur. The best course of action for everyone is probably to consider moving on with their life.