February 04, 2023


Kim Kardashian tries to be a good mom after divorce from Kanye West

Kim Kardashian strives to be better mommy

By Madison Raymond February 04, 2023

In an effort to establish herself as the superior parent following her divorce from Kanye West, Kim Kardashian is embracing the stereotype of the soccer mom.

Whether it's her daughter North's basketball events or her son Saint's soccer matches, the Kardashians star is frequently seen cheering on her children.

The reality TV star has adopted the "stereotype of the soccer mom," according to a psychotherapist who spoke to The Sun, ever since she became a single mother.

Dr Danielle McGraw, the Licensed clinical psychologist, said "Being a parent tends to be a heavily weighted identity and especially for soccer moms like Kim."

"The stereotype of a soccer mom is that she sacrifices herself for their children and puts them first," she added. "She sends the message, I'm present in my child's life and am a good mom."

"For Kim however, it's slightly deeper since a lot of other aspects of her identity are attributed to her family of origin."

"Even with most of her career, it revolves around a partnership with others, even with Skims," the psychologist continued. "Her kids weren't given to her by her family and she's a single mom now."

"To Kim being a soccer mom is a huge part of her personality now and identity because it's something that's just her," she said.

"After a divorce, there's sometimes an inherent pressure to be better parents and the better parent," McGraw added.

"But again, what she's ultimately doing is telling the world and her children that she's there for them no matter what."