Valerie Bertinelli gets candid about her healing journey

By Ellen James February 04, 2023

Valerie Bertinelli gets candid about her healing journey

Valerie Bertinelli is being open about her post-divorce healing process.

After a rolfing session on Friday, the actress, whose divorce from ex-husband Tom Vitale was finalised in November, released an emotional Instagram video and discussed how she is dealing.

"It's so painful, but there's a release that happens that's really helpful," Bertinelli, 62, said of the physical therapy involving the body's connective tissues. "I believe that a lot of emotional pain is stored in the body, and I'm doing my best to heal from it in every way — my therapy, my journaling, my meditation, rolfing."

She told her followers she relishes conveying her knowledge because many of them can connect: "You've been through the same bullcrap that I have."

Bertinelli also had a directive for her detractors who tell her to "get over it."

"I am over it. I'm over the narcissist. I'm long over the narcissist," she said, without mentioning anyone by name.

As she resumes her journey, her focus is figuring out what made her "tolerate the intolerable."

She elucidated, "One of you DM'ed me that question that helped you in your healing ... that question just was a lightbulb. What made me tolerate the intolerable? So, by searching for that — by healing that — I have just put a better life forward for myself. I'm more joyful. I'm more happy. A life that I already have that I'm grateful for, but a life that I can truly enjoy. Because then I finally feel like I deserve it."

Becoming emotional, she added, "We all deserve to have a beautiful life. And it starts here, within. And I want you all to feel that for yourselves 'cause we all deserve it."

"So yes, I have moved on from the s----- part, and I'm going into the really hard, hard part that has the most benefits to it," said Bertinelli. "So come along with the journey. Come if you want to. If not, I'll block you if you want to say something snide and rude to me 'cause I don't tolerate that anymore. How 'bout that?"

She didn't end there. On Twitter, Bertinelli reposted a TikTok video with the words: "To the next one who starts dating our narcissist exes."

In it, a woman mouths the words to comedy duo Ylvis, who sing, "On a scale of 1 to 10, you're f-----."

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